Agile Product Development

At the crux of effective agile product development is the creation of detailed user stories.


As a BI administrator, I want to grant users access to enterprise data sources and other resources in a governed manner so that they can effectively interact with enterprise ecosystem—without incurring unintended and far-reaching consequences.


Every data analyst has been on the receiving end of a frantic email from the IT team after submitting a large, complex, and/or server-crushing query. It happens. We need to ensure that the appropriate governance is in place to limit this sort of interaction.

In order to do this, the following steps will be necessary:


As an administrator, I want to define a set of query size limit controls so that my users are running better-performing queries that serves the double purpose of not stressing the underlying enterprise resources.


In order to do this, we should surface a setting in the Server Administration properties dialog that empowers administrators specify how many total rows that they feel comfortable sending to the database server. If exceeded, the error message ought to instruct users to contact their administrators to increase the number of allowed rows.