Content Strategy

STEP 1: Brainstorm Value Proposition and Customer Profiles

My buddy Habanero Bytes is a really smart guy and the Swipix application is solid, so it was a no-brainer to say yes when he asked for help with his product marketing and messaging several days prior to the first release. We quickly worked through the unique advantages of the app, photo application pain points, and an analysis of possible audiences to craft the core messaging for the App Store listing.

STEP 2: Extensive Website Rework

Once the core messaging was solidified, we examined the information architecture and messaging on the Swipix website. My particular focus was further down the page to provide a feature breakdown for potential customers, to ensure that the more complicated technical aspects were short, punchy, and true-to-life. We adjusted the order of the elements on the page to better reflect the user's experience as they move through the application, as well as rewriting the customer descriptions.

STEP 3: Identify & Pursue Partnerships

While my friend executed a last-minute Facebook media campaign, I began formulating messages to send out to players in the technology, photography, and Apple communities. This meant a variety of press releases carefully tailored to each audience. Since the application had a native integration for ordering pictures to be printed at Walgreens, they kindly surfaced our press release on their Walgreens Developer Blog.

STEP 4: Wait and See

Within several days of the initial release, hundreds of individuals in 42 different countries downloaded the app. Not bad for a last-minute grassroots marketing campaign!