Tools Product Engineering Group | MicroStrategy, Inc.


The Technology Associate role is a rotational program at MicroStrategy where individuals spend time in Technical Support, Quality Engineering, and, ultimately, Beta Consulting. The Associate Product Manager position was an unplanned but exciting detour midway through my Quality Engineering rotation.

Beta Consultant | Beta Software Team

Visited Fortune 500 companies to test beta software and demo new features, gathered customer feedback and reported back to stakeholders, and simultaneously led internal operational reporting projects focused customer satisfaction, performance tuning, and issue tracking.

Associate Product Manager | Mobile Marketing

In addition to writing the first edition of The Platform Approach to Mobile Apps interactive iBook and creating the new Introduction to Mobile class for sales prospects and existing customers, I developed scripts, recorded voiceovers, and created app walkthrough videos.

Associate Product Quality Engineer | Analytical Engine

While my main focus was testing the iOS and Flash capabilities on early builds of the new Report-Writing Engine and SmartClient technology, I also developed advanced test suites for freeform feature testing, logging over 100 defects in 4 months.

Technical Support Engineer | Client Experience

Solved mission-critical customer issues via call and email in a fast-paced environment, frequently recognized as the team's top case taker.


While these jobs may no longer be strictly relevant to my day-to-day life, I wouldn't be the same person without the knowledge and skills gained over these years.

Cornell University

City of Healdsburg

Metropolitan Transportation Commission


Cornell University

Magna Cum Laude | 3.8/4.0
Completed an honors thesis for the English department; Awarded Alpha Phi Omega's Service Award for most hours of community service completed

Study Abroad

Universitat Pompeu Fabra | 9.5/10
Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru | 19/20
Oxford University | A

Healdsburg High School

Graduated first in class | 4.21
Delivered Valedictorian speech at commencement
Nominated All League First Team in Basketball, Honorable Mention in Volleyball, and Best in Show at the Healdsburg Science Fair